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im all about having more body posi media but not when the message is “boys like curvy girls” because who fucking cares what boys like

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i saw a post that said they are no “good” cops cause if they were good they’d report the dirty cops. that’s a valid point, but you know what happens to the good cops that report dirty cops?


Realest police officer in history. 

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The Perfect View
A magical aerial view of one of Bruny Island’s stunning beaches.
It is possible to reach beautiful Bruny Island from Hobart either via car and ferry, or you may like to arrive via air with Tasmanian Air Adventures. 
The island is famed for its amazing coastline, hiking, wildlife and selection of gourmet food and wine producers with everything from Australia’s most southerly winery to freshly shucked oysters and award winning cheeses. 
Go Behind The Scenery here.
Photo Credit: Published on Instagram by Paul Fleming. 
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when someone you don’t know tries to read you



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Tear gas


Do not wear contact lenses if you are in a situation where you may be tear-gassed.  When I went through basic training, we were warned that there was a possibility the tear gas they were using could melt contact lenses.

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This Bald Eagle was chasing the Great Blue Heron away from the eggs in her nest. It wasn’t trying to kill the Heron or she would have done so long before this once in a lifetime shot was captured by Owen Deutsch

The artist in me loves the fact that we have two nearly similarly sized birds in the same pose for a detailed comparison between the anatomical differences. It’s like, I’m having an art boner right now.
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Cards Against Humanity.

I’m a big fan. Well, I bought this.


It’s great. It hold all of my shit. But it holds something else too.

If you have it, open your box.


You see how I started to tear away at the top of the box there?

Do that.

Do it carefully.


Holy shit.

There’s something in there. What could that be?


There’s a card.

There is a card literally hidden in the top of the box.

But what card?


I fucking love these people.


when someone says they dont like dogs


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